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Enhance Deck With Acrylic Panels

We thank Dan Osborne for sending in these photo’s of his deck upgrade

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April 2008 Newsletter

Huge Off-cut Sale
Being one of the most trusted names in plastic sheet, rod, & tube means we do more cutting for more businesses than just about any other plastics distributor this side of Saskatoon… Visit our promotions website for the latest list of specially priced pieces.
Guillotine Services Available
We have a well-trained team of operators ready to cut thin-gauge plastics such as Coroplast, PETG, and Styrenes to size.
It’s Time For Fun In The Sun @ Home – Polycarbonate Twinwall Sale
Ready for your deck and greenhouse project… 4 x 8′, 4 x 10′, 4 x 16′ and 4 x 20′
EZ workings for sunrooms, deck enclosures, spa covers, and carports
Opening Up The Workshop Soon?
We carry all kinds of polycarbonate and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pieces that you can use to make jigs for your home workshop. HDPE is great for making re-usable Muskoka chair patterns that you can double tape to your stock and run through the routers.
Being Nagged About Making Your Pool/Spa Area Or Patio Deck More Livable?
We can help! Check out this article on our blog and you’ll learn how King Starboard can be fashioned into luxury cabinetry and furnishings for your outdoor lifestyle on the deck or by the pool…
Did you know we can cut replacement patio tabletops, too?
Just about any shape… we offer clear, frosted, and a few glass-style patterns
Readying Your Boat For Launch? Get your King Starboard orders in now!
We stock one of Canada’s largest selection of King Starboard which you can fashion into all kinds of nifty amenities for your pleasure or commercial fishing boat. From onboard cabinetry to hatch covers and swim platforms… larger size sheet stock needs 6-8 weeks for delivery
We really do appreciate your business and LUV REFERRALS…. We want to hear about your projects or products made with plastic. Feel free to email in your pictures and a brief story and we’ll post them on our blog, which just happens to be the biggest DIY plastics website on the web!
4 Convenient Service Centres To Assist You
Kitchener: (519) 725-6111 or toll free 1-888-669-8922
Brampton: (905) 456-1579
Scarborough: (416) 281-4300 or toll free 1-800-268-6784
Halifax: (902) 406-4022 or 1-877-406-8222

Skating In Your Basement… Or Garage…

 Here’s a great site on how one firm installs a synthetic ice (high density polyethylene) surface 

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Wanna Build A Robot?

Touring some of the local hobby shows and speaking with some of our younger customers, I’m finding a growing interest in robot building.

In routing around the Net I happened upon John Palmisano’s site,


 John offered me these thoughts on getting started and what’s available on his site:

Robots today are no longer only made out of traditional tin and steal.
Instead, an ever increasing number of robots consists of large
quantities of plastics – not just for aesthetic casings but also as
main structural components. covers all aspects on
building your own robot, including materials and structural
construction methods.


 * * *

So, Plasticguy says check’m out!


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The Acrylic (Low Res) Man


Artist THOMAS BROOMÉ as created a life size sculpture (called THE LOW RES MAN) in painted acrylic glass, of a man built up with 1x1x1 cm cubes (pixels). The man has a innerlight which makes him seem like he just stepped out of the screen-based world into ours.

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Make A Lightbox Out Of PVC Foam Board

 Do-it-yourself lightbox

By Joseph Holst

Building a light box is easy. In fact, I could just post the photos with no explanation and 95 percent of people would be able to sort it out with no problem. But for the other 5 percent and for the sake of being thorough, I’ll post a few words of instruction.This thing isn’t really rocket science at all. I think it’s more the technique that people would be interested in. I’ve received a lot of e-mails asking about the light box so I hope this will be a help to anyone wanting to stay inside during the winter months and take shots of random stuff from the fridge.

Click Here For Full Article

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Scroll Saw Cutting Acrylic Letter Templates

Here’s a nifty tip from  Canadian Woodworking (don’t forget to visit their site!)


Lettering templates

by Ted Duquette

Here is how I make lettering templates out of 1/16″ plexi- glass. I use a computer to print out the lettering patterns first (you could also draw them by hand). The trick to cutting Plexiglas successfully is to buy the type that has the brown paper on both sides of the Plexiglas.


You can glue your pattern on to the brown paper or you can draw the lettering right onto the paper. I use a #5 scroll saw blade with 12 teeth per inch to do the cutting. I set my saw at about half speed. If you only have a full speed saw, it can still be done but you will need to take a lot more care to ensure clean cuts. Take your time when cutting out the lettering – remember this will be the master template for all your future lettering. If you can’t get the brown papered version use un-backed Plexiglas. However, before you start cutting cover the glass with masking tape. This helps cool the blade while cutting so the Plexiglas doesn’t melt. I have made about two dozen of these lettering guides in different sizes and fonts and use them a lot in the shop.


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