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UHMW Silage Thrower Enhancement


Silage Thrower

The Problem

The biggest problems that farmers have to overcome with their equipment are corrosion, abrasion and release. These problems are particularly pervasive when handling silage. Corn and alfalfa, for example, present challenges in that corn is acidic and abrasive whereas alfalfa tends to be very sticky. In addition, the inside of a silo is very humid which keeps the silage moist. This icreases the coefficient of friction to steel, making it difficult for silage to be thrown efficiently from the silo. Abrasion from corn silage can actually wear a hole through the steel casing of a silage thrower after three seasons of usage.

The Solution

By installing a UHMW strip inside the silage thrower, the coefficient of friction is drastically reduced and moisture from inside of the silo will actually act as additional lubrication, providing a more effective and lower cost solution to this problem. Not only is abrasion reduced but tests show that a silage thrower with a UHMW lining pulls fewer Amps of electrical current, allowing equipment to run more efficiently and use less energy. As a result, farmers achieve better throughput, longer part life, reduced down time and reduced operational costs which translates to better profitability.

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Posted by on August 22, 2007 in Agriculture, Industrial Plastics