UHMW Truck Liners

13 Dec

How do you reduce the wear and tear on your dump trucks and trailer, when the only thing between your load and your profit eventually corrodes and wears away?

Simple, use UHMW in high wear applications…

By Ross McShane and Jeff Haarstick

In high wear applications, UHMW-PE, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, stands alone. UHMW-PE reduces abrasion, increases release, and helps absorb impact all in one. At only a fraction of the weight and cost of steel and aluminum, UHMW-PE can outwear steel two times and aluminum four times. UHMW-PE is commonly produced in sheets by compression molding. Single sheets can be up to 33 feet/10 meters in length; however, average presses are much smaller, typically 4 by 10 feet/1.21 by 3.04 meters. With a butt fusion welder, these sheets can be seamlessly welded together into any length. Additives can also be added to UHMW-PE in premium and specialty grades. Silicone reduces friction, increases slip and lessens noise. Glass spheres increase hardness and abrasion resistance. Ultra violet inhibitors (UVI) can increase the life of UHMW-PE from about a year to five years when continuously exposed to direct sunlight. Other additives include heat stabilization, color, and anti-static. Combining the reduced weight, lower cost, increased wear, and greater flexibility, UHMW-PE becomes the apparent choice when compared to other high wear substitutes.

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For 25 years, Horn Plastics, Inc. has been known in the heavy construction and agricultural industries as an expert group of honest hardworking salespeople who callback in a timely fashion, are knowledgeable of installation advice and dedicated to friendly service. Super-Slide is a non-stick, high wear, premium engineered plastics that can be cut into small wear strips or welded into rolls of any length. For more information on UHMW-PE and Super-Slide products go to


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2 responses to “UHMW Truck Liners

  1. Ethiersand gravel

    February 15, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    I would really like to try the tiavar in a payloader
    bucket that is working in sand piles year round,
    and it is very sticky. if I purchase the liner from you, how do I fasten it to inside bucket,
    bucket is 6 c.y. komatsu.

  2. Jeff H

    February 19, 2008 at 2:47 pm


    Super-Slide will work great for your situation. A spade bit and a special counter-bore tool are used to counter-bore the liner to make room for weld washers, which would then be welded to the bucket to hold the liner in place. Check out for a couple of pictures of lined buckets, and for a comparison, there is one picture of a bucket without Super-Slide.

    Horn Plastics Inc


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