Yes, You Can Weld Teflon

15 Aug


Fusion & Hot Air Welding *Modified Teflon® PTFE is possible.
*(Teflon® NXT, TE-6472 and similar grades of PTFE)

Custom fused & hot air welded Modified PTFE components can be fabricated for a variety of industrial & research applications.  APT welcomes inquiries from Universities & the Scientific Community.  We have found that every project is unique.  Each requires review to determine if a fusion method could be effectively utilized to obtain the desired end product.

Fusing Modified PTFE for specialized applications:

The example shown below shows (3) hollow cylinders that were custom fabricated
for a research lab utilizing a fusion method developed by APT.

Hollow Cylinders with plug
These cylinders were fabricated from 2 separate pieces that were fused togther and then finish machined.  Each was inspected with an ultrasonic flaw detector and pressure tested to 60 psi to assure the fusion weld is leak tight.  A custom machined tapered plug is used to seal the cylinder.

Similar fabrication techniques can be used to create all-ptfe containers of various sizes and shapes.

Hot Air Welding Modified PTFE with PFA:

The example shown below shows a tube and
reinforcement sleeve hot air welded to a container lid.

    Welded Modified PTFE - Interior

The tube passes straight through the lid.  The underside of the lid has been prepped, PFA welded & machined clean.  While this method of welding can be performed on modified PTFE components,
it is difficult to control distortion and obtain leak tight (vacuum tight) welds.

The example below shows a PTFE mesh screen attached to a modified PTFE tube.

PTFE Cup with Welded Mesh    PTFE Cup with Mesh - Bottom View

This technique can be used to create various types of filters and specimen cups.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your custom application.


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