Ceramic Coatings Can Control Thermal Expansion

23 Oct


Benefits of Ceramic Coatings-
and a Project with Plexiglas

Solar Radiation Control

Waterproofs, protects and prevents corrosion 100%

Ultraviolet Ray Protection

Reduces thermal shock- contraction/expansion

Acoustical Benefit

(reduces noise)

Surface Temperature Reduction

When applied to a thickness of 20 mils, Ceramic Insulation Coatings will reduce the surface temperature 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Additional coats can decrease the temperature 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Easy Application

Shutting down operations is not required because Ceramic Insulation Coatings can be applied up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plexiglas skylights on roof top section of office building

Ceramic Insulation Coatings applied to 20 mils for control of thermal shock.
(West Edmonton Mall, Alberta Canada)

Ceramic Insulation Coatings Applied to Plexiglas skylights to control expansion and contraction (thermal shock). Saved in excess of $75,000.00
(West Edmonton Mall, Alberta Canada)

Ceramic Insulation Coatings provides higher equivalent R-Values relating to radiant energy transfer than fiberglass or other conventional systems.

Keeping the summer heat out and the winter heat in!

During the winter season in the northern hemisphere, heat naturally, travels from the warmer areas towards the colder outside (ambient) air, or in such instances where the roles are reversed, the same will occur.

Ceramic Insulation Coatings has a low K-Factor which indicates high R-Value the lack of mass thickness in the coatings, as opposed to the conventional insulations will not be enough to act as a conductive insulator through the substrate to the outside.

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