Blogging My Way Through A Plateau

02 Oct

Thanks to Ted Demopoulos’ coaching, I’ve achieved the #1 traffic position in our industry in 16 weeks with about 16,000 articles read. But, numbers don’t mean as much as they used to. In fact, they don’t mean much at all, anymore.

It seems I’ve hit my peak. I’ve hit the stride. I’ve found the pace. 300-400 articles read a day with a ratio of articles-available to articles-read of about 1:1. There’s no noticeable anomaly whether I add 1 article or 10. It’s to the point where I go out looking for new material and I trip over my own blog entries.

Reader Comments? 5 in 10,000 articles read and 3 of those were people berating me for copying their content without their consent. But, I have accumulated over 1,500 spam comments. Do they count as traffic?

I met with our Yellow Pages rep this week and she couldn’t fathom how a blog is generating more traffic than their website referral program for which we pay a considerable monthly sum. In fact, she didn’t really know what a blog is nor how it can benefit a firm – and here’s a person in the business of corporate communications!

We’ve used to try and build a demographic. Most readers are in the business. Most are researching a topic. Most rate us as interesting. Many think the blog is a website and criticize us for not having more specific web pages like other websites.

It’s a business blog. At the end of the day are we seeing a conversion of interest into sales? Still don’t know. There’s no question that we are benefiting in both hard and soft profits but measuring return on the investment is still a challenge. What is the continual investment? On 300 articles it takes about an hour a day to keep the thing looking and feeling fresh – so, it’s not really a lot of work anymore.
The challenge now appears to be maintaining my own excitement in making the blog exciting for other people. There’s still lots of great content ideas out there but I’m supposed to be generating $ALE$ along with awareness. One has to pay for the other.

But, enough whining… when the blogging gets boring the bored get blogging, right…

Blog on!

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Posted by on October 2, 2007 in Blogging


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