New Laser Marking Technology For Plastics

01 Oct


The Sabreen Group, Inc. announces its Patent Pending VectorJet™ Laser Marking Technology that achieves unprecedented “dark-on-light” contrast, line edge detail, and marking speed on Acetals, and many more plastics that have traditionally been difficult, if not impossible, to laser mark. Utilizing this breakthrough technology, true “dark-on-light” marking of Acetals can be successfully used in a far broader range of applications, even those requiring reliable machine vision and micro-marking for product security and traceability.

This quantum leap in laser marking technology will assure consistent and permanent markings on products that require exacting identification and traceability in demanding markets such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, and industrial applications.

Significance of the Laser Marking Technology:
Copolymer and homopolymer Acetals (POM), and other chemically inert thermoplastics, possess highly desirable performance properties for a broad range of industries and applications including automotive and medical. Historically, expensive ink printing and surface pretreatments fail to provide long-term field product identification or safety warning information, particularly when exposed to chemicals and environmental forces. Non-contact, indelible laser marking is a preferred process in part because of its capability to code variable, sequential and unique part information.

Since the mid-1990’s some manufacturers of Acetals, as well as compounding and colorant companies, have sold a lasermarkable grade which can yield “light” colored contrast on dark colored substrates and tone-on-tone. However, the majority of Acetal products are not dark, rather white or light colored substrates (typically pigmented with TiO2). Traditional Nd: YAG laser marking incorporating high levels of laser doping additives produce less than desired detailed contrast quality. To work around printing/marking limitations, designers are often forced to select alternative resins that can be more expensive and possess less than ideal performance properties.

VectorJet™ Laser Marking Technology achieves breakthrough “dark” marking contrast on “light” colored acetal products, as well as “light” contrast on “dark” products. The result is a far reaching laser marking technology that eliminates virtually all restrictions when selecting product and marking color, reduces costs relative to conventional marking lasers, and enables reliable machine vision readability and micro-marking. “We are excited to continue the advancements in plastics laser marking which will benefit industry in manufacturing the best products at lower costs while incorporating six-sigma marking processes” said Scott Sabreen, Founder & President.

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