Use Makrolon Polycarbonate For Armoured Vehicles

27 Sep


Makrolon® Hygard: the easy way to security

The security glazing Makrolon® Hygard is not only used in construction and industry, but its containment and bullet-resistant properties also make it more and more popular in personal security. In areas that require higher security, the transparent security glazing now frequently replaces conventional security glass. With its enormous impact resistance and ballistic protection, Makrolon® Hygard fits the highest security standards.


The resistant polycarbonate sheets are – among other uses – an ideal material for armored vehicles requiring security glazing and protecting prominent individuals at public appearances. In Eastern Europe, South America and the Middle East, Makrolon® Hygard has become part of the standard equipment of police cars and in personal security. Because of political instability and the growing vulnerability and use of violence towards politicians and corporate managers, the market for security glazing has seen a strong growth in recent years in many countries. Since September 11, 2001, the danger of terror attacks has also increased in Central and Western Europe, having an impact on the security consciousness of people and triggering the demand for the impact-resistant Makrolon® Hygard.

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Makrolon® Hygard has significant processing advantages over conventional security glazing. Time-consuming pre-cutting is unnecessary: the material can simply be sawed, drilled, or milled. Thorsten Jung, who is in charge of the industry sector at Bayer Polymers Sheet Europe, views these properties as crucial for the use of the sheets in personal security. “Makrolon® Hygard”, he says, “offers the manufacturers of security equipment maximum flexibility in their production. It saves them tremendous cost and allows them to use the material in a more effective way.” With a weight of only about one-third the weight of glass, Makrolon® Hygard is nonetheless shatterproof and does not pulverize. The break-resistant and bulletproof material is an effective protection from violent impact and can withstand even automatic firearms. If the sheets are hit, they do not “spider web” but retain complete vision, allowing the passengers inside the vehicle to better assess the situation during an attack. Makrolon® Hygard is therefore an excellent material for office and police vehicles. It also offers a high degree of protection in accidents.

Not really an armored car, per se, but it is a Makrolon Polycarbonate shell…

In addition to personal protection, the increasing need for security in industry and trade is also prompting the growth of the security glazing market. Makrolon® Hygard offers businesses excellent solutions to protect themselves from criminal acts and violence. At the same time, Makrolon® Hygard allows the indispensable eye contact between customers and employees. Tellers in banks, night windows at gas stations, or showcases with precious goods in retail stores are well protected by Makrolon® Hygard but do not block natural light, which is an important factor for the feeling of well-being of employees and customers.

Makrolon® Hygard owes its extreme strength to its laminated multiple-layer glazing. Polycarbonate sheets alternate with polyurethane interlayers. A special coating makes them easy to clean and highly resistant to scratches. Unlike other transparent materials that allow light to pass through, Makrolon® Hygard is UV stable and remains crystal clear even after years of use. Bayer Polymers Sheet Europe offers the security sheets in different varieties and configurations in thickness from 10 to 33 millimeters. The Makrolon® Hygard properties have been tested and classified in accordance with HPW TP 0500.02, ASTM 1-41, and HPM 1-54.


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2 responses to “Use Makrolon Polycarbonate For Armoured Vehicles

  1. frostymind

    September 11, 2008 at 3:00 am

    hey ….
    this is a concept that im working on….do have a look…
    im using makrolon and carbon fibre frame embedded in it….

  2. Vlad

    November 19, 2009 at 4:37 am

    Is that an Makrolux analog??? Makrolon polycarbonat glass?


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