DIY Acrylic Pet Bird Feeding Station

27 Sep


Plexiglas Feeding Station

Nancy Coats and her husband, Lee, designed and created a feeding station for their two Solomon Island Eclectus parrots named Sweet Pea and Carmine. They were tired of the mess that the birds made with their soft foods and this solved the problem beautifully. The mess is completely contained in this easy-to-clean feeding station. The birds actually enjoy visiting their special restaurant now. If you have questions, you can Email Nancy at this address: nancycoats@animail.netThese dimensions are for 2 Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots. You can adjust dimensions to fit the size of your bird(s).Materials

  • 2 pieces 1/4″ plexiglass* – 20″highX19″wide (sides)
  • 3 pieces 1/4″ plexiglass* – 20″highX27″wide (front, back & top)
  • *Have all edges and corners smoothed out.


  • 8 clips (2 for each corner)
  • 2 hinges for top (may be hard to find)
  • 1 hasp to hold up top (may be hard to find)
  • This hardware is used for glass & plexiglass shelving.

Click images to enlargePurchase a 6″ or higher perch with cups & places to put toys, etc. Line/Design has the best perches for this 1-800-767-4208. They have enough cups and holes in the sides of the perches to add toys/key rings, etc. You can also purchase a perch for one bird with toys already on one side. They clean up and sanitize well.


  • Check the phone book in your area for a plexiglass supplier. Ask to have 5 pieces of plexiglass cut to the dimensions you need and make sure they smooth out all the edges and corners. Make sure the feeder is no taller than the length of your arm (from under arm pit to the top of wrist). Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach in and clean it easily. Also the lower the table you have the feeder on, the easier it will be to reach in and clean it. Having your birds at eye level when you’re sitting down is about right.
  • Hardware (metal connectors, chrome or brass) can be found at your local retail fixture store or call KC Fixture 1-800-862-0899


  • Assemble two sides at a time and tighten 2 clips to each corner of the plexiglass. There should be about 1/2 inch space in each corner for ventilation. Clip all 4 sides together.
  • Clip the front hasp in the middle of the top piece. The other part of the hasp clips to the top of the front of the feeder. This holds up the top of the feeder.
  • Clip the two hinges on the back of the top piece and the top of the back piece.

USING THE FEEDING STATIONPut the feeder on a formica table or something that can be wiped off and sanitized. Make sure the back is near a wall so the birds will feel safe. Also make sure they are not in direct sunlight. There is no bottom to this feeder because it will clean up a lot easier. Just put newspaper on the bottom and throw it away after each feeding. The first time you place your bird(s) in the feeder, lower the top “very” slowly, inch by inch, so they are not startled. They will watch you lower the lid down for the first few days. They will eventually feel comfortable and sing/talk between eating and playing and can remain in the feeder for 2-4 hours. Your birds can now eat all kinds of messy foods and all will be contained in the feeder. Use grapefruit extract & water, or vinegar & water, to clean up. Dry with a paper towel. Enjoy!

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