So, What Happens When It Flushes?

26 Sep

source: Editor’s Note: The most read articles from our library are about building your own fish tank. So, when I saw this I just HAD to share it y’all.

Bathroom Acquarium


I keep an enormous fish tank in my office. I love it, except when it’s time for monthly cleanings, I always wish it were a little closer to the bathroom. It would be nice to just bring the fresh water a few steps rather than lugging buckets around the whole house, but would I trade it for the Fish n Flush? Not sure about that.

The Fish n Flush is a toilet with a two piece tank. The front 2.2 gallon section is a fully functioning aquarium, the back, your standard tank. It’s an interesting idea reminiscent of goldfish shoes for its cheesy excess, but still, I kind of like it.

The tank could be fresh or salt water, though live coral is a no-no. Not into fish? It could be a terrarium or habitat for just about anything, including frogs, snakes or lizards. The kitschy seat and lid definitely have to go, but it might be possible to turn this thing into a modern, zen-inspired focal point for a quiet, relaxing bathroom. Maybe?

A safer bet is that it would help with potty training.

Find out more and order your own for $299 at Fish n Flush.

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