Polycarb Used In Hackerproof ID Card

24 Sep


iDcentrix high security ID card intended to fight fake driver’s licenses

Thursday, September 20 2007

iDcentrix will showcase its high security ID card at the Government ID Technology Summit in Washington, D.C. on September 24-25. Their ID is an alternative to North American driver’s licenses and intended to comply with Real ID. The card is created by fusing Swiss banknote paper and polycarbonate to form a hacker-proof card that is see-through when brought to the light so visual authentication can be done easily.

iDcentrix Technology Ready to Fight Fake Driver’s Licenses iDcentrix to Showcase Its Highly Secure ID Card in the US for the First TimeLOS ANGELES — iDcentrix will exhibit at the upcoming Government ID Technology Summit in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 24-25 and reveal how its unique high security card is the perfect solution for North American driver’s licenses. The conference will provide DMV representatives and others the tools and knowledge they need to address security issues, cross-state collaboration and vendor contracting.

“With the rising need for more secure driver’s licenses, iDcentrix provides the card that prevents any possibility of counterfeiting,” noted Francine Dubois, president & CEO of iDcentrix. “This summit offers us the opportunity to meet with government officials, both federal and state, who are evaluating new technologies in order to comply with Real ID and show them how our technology can address some key security concerns.”

iDcentrix cards are unique in that they are created using a patented technology that fuses Swiss banknote paper and polycarbonate to form a hacker-proof ID card. Unlike current driver’s licenses where personal data and most features are on the card body itself, all the materials of the iDcentrix card — including the printed data and security features — are welded together to form a card that cannot be delaminated or compromised.
In addition, just like a banknote, the iDcentrix card is “see-through” when brought against the light — so visual authentication of data integrity and security features such as watermarks is done without additional equipment, making it easy and very convenient.

About iDcentrix
Founded in January 2007, iDcentrix Inc., based in El Segundo, CA, has licensed a patented technology providing highly secure identification cards based on Swiss banknote paper and polycarbonate. Unlike other ID cards on the market, the iDcentrix card cannot be duplicated or counterfeited thereby guaranteeing the integrity of the card data and the identity of the cardholder. The company sells the ID card production equipment and consumables to corporate and governmental card issuers and also issues cards by partnering with local card manufacturers. With the identification solutions market gaining momentum worldwide, iDcentrix is poised to experience significant growth over the next few years.

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