Cool Light Poles Made With Acrylic

20 Sep

Light poles from Selux Australia


Selux Hollow Light Guides

Modern light poles from Selux Australia offer architects tools to create an unique identity.

Selux Hollow Light Guides consist of a special PMMA Acrylic Light Pipe, which is illuminated internally by a 150 watt Metal Halide lamp.

Designed with internal reflectors for uniformity, a 150w metal halide lamp per luminaire is used in order for the light to be carried through the tube resulting in the luminescence effect.

The Selux Hollow Light Guides feature a solid round metal tube base of Cast aluminium or galvanised steel with an access door flap IP 65. A special internal stainless steel support rod allows for the system to be mounted at angles of up to 15 degrees.

Cox Architects used the Selux Hollow Light Guide to form a striking and functional lighting system leading into the main entrance of The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Using a combination of 10-degree and 15-degree offset, the Selux Hollow Light Guide matches the scale and modern nature of the architecture.

Zaha Hadid Architects and the Strassburg car park uses Selux Hollow Light Guides set at 15 degrees.


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