Use Acrylic Blocks For Rubber Stamp Making

18 Sep


Exerpt (Click On Link For Full Article)

Lesson Plan: Eraser Carving


1. Introduction
2. Carving Materials
3. Tools
4. Ink
5. Paper
6. Sources of Images
7. Transferring the Image
8. Carving
9. Mounting the Carving
10. Printing
11. Cleaning and Storage
12. Resources

1. Introduction

Rubber stamping is a hugely popular activity that is enjoyed by people with and without formal art training. Rubber stamps have been in use for a long time for commercial purposes and in crafts, and have been used in fine art since the DADA era. They are easy to print and provide a quick way to make multiple copies. These qualities make rubber stamping attractive for smaller scale and ephemeral art forms such as greeting cards, pins, and mail art, although many artists create large scale art works with rubber stamps or use them as accents on larger pieces. You can buy rubber stamps in just about any design or motif you can imagine, or adapt stamps that were originally made for business use. Nothing beats the creative possibilites, however, of carving your own.

8.5 Cutting curved lines with two cuts.

8.4 Cutting straight lines.

8.6 A partially carved stamp.

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