Sidecar Project Using Polycarbonate

12 Sep


This is how i roll

You are looking at a Cruiser bicycle with a Grubee 80CC engine and a homebuilt sidecar. I have had so much fun building this bike I am selling this one to make room to build another.

The Sidecar body is made from lexan, Aluminum and wood and the covered inside and out with fiberglass. The fender is fiberglass. It is painted with black primer. It will require a final putty cote and block sanding for slick paint. It looks good now for flat paint, but slick paint would show some sanding scratches and inperfections. The interior is marine vinyl. The interior is not glued in, I left it this way in case someone want to repaint the body. All the lights are functional 12 volt lights. I do not have a battery on the bike yet so they are not wired, but they are real lights.

(Editor’s Note: I tried digging up who the builder was. Turns out he was selling this on ebay. Maybe you could trace it back through the blog URL at the top of the article)

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Posted by on September 12, 2007 in DIY, Fabrication, Polycarbonate


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