Protecting Stained Glass Windows With Acrylic

10 Sep

This was an interesting question emailed in, so I thought we’d share it with you:

(image not part of original email)

 Hello, I am seeking both products and knowledge for glazing stained glass windows from the exterior. I need to protect 10 windows that are 9′ 6″ tall by 32″ wide. These windows have a Gothic Point at the top, they’re not rectangles. I was looking at your Optical Grade acrylic sheet from Cyro. I can locate vents for the windows. I will need also need advice for types glazing channeling to use for installation within the window opening. Thanks for your time, James

(My Reply)

Great application but you’ll over do it with the optical grade assuming this is an outdoor application

we can router out the shape – but you probably can’t bring the window to us so we have to do a little artistic magic… you send us as staight-on a shape picture as possible and we trace it with a piece of software and then by giving us the actual base width and centre height we can reconstruct the window in our Autocad software… we cut out a 1/4 coroplast template and you put it in place to see what needs to be adjusted then we cut the actual window out of plain old extruded (FF) acrylic

run a 1/4″ line of foam weather stripping on the face of the window against the wall as a buffer between the window and the acrylic… now, here comes the fun part… i’m assuming a metal window frame without much wood, so, you would tap screws into the surrounding masonry (I’m guessing your structure) to clip the acrylic in and then use a weather proof caulking around it for a seal (there are certain ones that will attack acrylic so we’ll have to get a recommendation from the manufacturer)

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