About Bronze & Grey (Smoked) Acrylic & Polycarbonate

10 Sep

Mark, from Fort Erie, Ontario, sent in this photo of a project he recently finished. What’s kind of nifty here is that Mark used multiple lengths of bronze acrylic to make it look like a single piece… looks great, Mark!

” I used four 8′ lengths to make a continuous 32′ length of window. This was a good use of acrylic. As a hay storage barn, spoilage of the hay due to sun damage and heat is minimized by the tinted acrylic. And yet the high windows illuminate the interior. It’s near a residential area so attractiveness was a factor. The tinted acrylic window treatment adds a design flair to an otherwise plain structure.”


On the topic of “tinted” or “smoked” acrylic colors…

There are 3 shades of “bronze” which gives off a goldish-brown hue
126-4 on the left (lightest) & 311-1 (darkest)on the right
& 131-2 which is in between the two


There’s 2 shades of “grey” which gives off a hue more towards a black
103-2 on the left (lightest) & 104-1 (darkest) on the right

Polycarbonates are limited to one flavor of bronze about the same hue as 126-4 above and one flavor of grey about the same hue as 103-2.

Grey Polycarbonate Companionway On A Sailboat

Rule Of Thumb: When do I use acrylic or polycarbonate for boat hatches, ports, or companionways on a boat?Of course we’re only offering this as a generalization, but if you’re ocean bound then you want polycarbonate in consideration that storm waves break against your vessel with the impact of concrete. Lake bound boats can get by with acrylic.

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