DIY Biogas Digester Using Plastic

06 Sep


Editors Note: This is a very interesting project article that explores HDPE plastic welding

Exerpt (Click On Image For Full Article)

Understanding the Biorealis Systems Anaerobic Methane Digester

The process by which anaerobic bacteria decompose organic matter into methane, carbon dioxide, and a nutrient-rich sludge involves a step-wise series of reactions requiring the cooperative action of several organisms. In the first stage, a variety of primary producers (acidogens) break down the raw wastes into simpler fatty acids. In the second stage, a different group of organisms (methanogens) consume the acids produced by the acidogens, generating biogas as a metabolic byproduct. On average, acidogens grow much more quickly than methanogens. They are also much hardier organisms, able to survive a broader range of temperature and pH conditions…

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One response to “DIY Biogas Digester Using Plastic

  1. Rick Hermann

    November 13, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    I am going to use “plastic” food grade 55 gallon drums for biogas production.

    Initially I want to use two barrels welded or glued together to make one hundred plus gallon tube to work with.

    I dont know if the barrels are HDPE or some other type of plastic. Is there a way to tell? is there an apoxy that will bind to any type of plastic regardless of type?


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