Prosperine Sugar Industry Grows Because Of Plastic

04 Sep


Busy times ahead for Proserpine sugar growers

Despite a downturn in the world sugar market, Proserpine growers in north Queensland are looking towards strong income streams in the next 18 months.

The construction of the region’s furfural plant is under way with full operation expected by the start of next crushing season.

Furfural is used to make plastics in pharmaceuticals and in the horticultural sector.

Proserpine Mill general manager Chris Connors says with new markets for furfural opening up, the project is a good investment by the cooperative.

“Furfural’s now been registered in England and Ireland as a soil conditioner and particularly for golf courses over there which just means there’s another market out there,” he said.

“We got a number of enquires out there from people that are involved in plastic manufacturing looking for alternative uses to petroleum-based products and furfural fits into that category very well.”

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Posted by on September 4, 2007 in General Knowledge


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