New Game Inspires Kids Towards Innovative Plastics

04 Sep


Nobel game aims to inspire budding polymer scientists

By David Eldridge

Basell is sponsoring the educational game at the Nobel Prize website.
3 September 2007 – The website of the prestigious Nobel Prize organisation has launched an online game in its educational section which aims to inform school students about plastics.The game is called Heating Plastics and is designed to educate children aged 14 years and older about plastics, including how they are made and what happens when they are heated.Polyolefins group Basell is sponsoring the game, which also explains the science history behind plastics. Massimo Covezzi, president of Basell Research and Development, said the company was pleased to sponsor the educational tool.

He said: “We are equally as proud of the fact that Basell predecessor company scientists Karl Ziegler and Giulio Natta shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963 for their revolutionary work in the development of polyethylene and polypropylene polymerisation.

“Our hope is that the game inspires students to become the Zieglers and Nattas of the future who continue to innovate for generations to come.”

In the game, visitors are tested on their knowledge of polymer chemistry, judging whether an item is a thermoplastic, or a thermoset. Each correct guess is awarded a “catalyst”, which ultimately initiates the polymerisation reaction to form a plastic.

The “Heating Plastics” game can be accessed by clicking on this link:

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