Make “Doctor Who” Tardis Using Acrylic

04 Sep


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Making the TARDIS

The first thing I had to do was come up with some sort of TARDIS plans. No full plans exist on the Internet so I had to come up with my own. Actually, that’s not strictly true. There are people who will SELL you TARDIS plans. Based on pictures of their finished product though I wouldn’t bother to buy them. With a bit of research it is easily possible to come up with your own plans. If you do this what you will find out is there isn’t actually one definitive TARDIS design.

Fig 12. Plans drawn up Fig 12. Plans drawn up

The actual prop was rebuilt a number of times over the years and there were changes made each time. The same physical props also underwent changes from season to season and even story to story. Certain things such as the colour of the windows and the height of the roof are obvious. There are also more subtle changes such as the size, shape and number of door handles, the colour and design of the door sign and even the wording on the sign. This means you can basically pick and choose the features you want your own TARDIS to have. I went with the earlier style which is considered to be closer to the original Police Box. Now a real Police Box is quite tall, a lot taller than people expect especially with the flashing light on top. In order to have the TARDIS fit inside my house I had to scale it somewhat. I eventually choose a 3/4 scale to build mine. Even then it is still about 1m square on the base and about 2.3m tall.



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