Make Your Own Polycarbonate Shadow Puppets

31 Aug


Project designed by Bre Pettis.


Guest Bre Pettis shows host Jennifer Perkins and you how to create a polycarbonate shadow puppet.


colored gels
2 utility knives
roll of black contact paper
2 coat hangers
1 roll of monofilament
nuts and bolts
1/8″ drill bit
2 rings


Figure A


Figure B

Polycarbonate Puppets

  1. Apply contact paper onto polycarbonate.
  2. Pop bubbles.
  3. Using the utility knife, cut out the figure (figure A).
  4. Draw and design characters onto contact paper.
  5. Cut out details — eyes, etc. Completely cut out puppet with all details.
  6. Using the transparent tape, attach the colored gels to the figure.Tip: If you don’t have colored gels — use an old transparent plastic colored folder.
  7. Drill holes to the body and appendages.
  8. Attach appendage with wire.
  9. Attach and bend the coat hanger wire to the puppet (figure B).
  10. Tie monofilament to the arms.
  11. Connect monofilament to the wire.

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