Dogs Sniff Out Illegal Plastic

31 Aug


MPAA Hires Dogs to Sniff Out Pirated DVD Operation

A nose for polycarbonates

To curb counterfeit DVDs, the MPAA has taken a page out of drug czar and anti-terrorist squads: Enlisting dogs to sniff out “polycarbonate and other chemicals in optical discs,” reports Wired’s Threat Level.

Two black Labrador retrievers, Lucky and Flo, are the world’s first DVD-sniffing dogs. The two brought down a Queens County, New York DVD operation by sniffing down ceiling-high stacks of films still in theaters, including The Simpsons Movie and Knocked Up.

The pups have completed 35 raids in Malaysia that led to the arrest of 26 people and the seizure of 1.9 million pirated discs and 97 burn towers.

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Posted by on August 31, 2007 in General Knowledge, Polycarbonate


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