Response: No Niches Left for Blogging?

30 Aug

I was mildly surprised to read Ted Demopoulos’ article of August 21st in which he had to come to the defense of the blogosphere. The fact is the world has now become a narrow-cast subscriber to media and that opens up 3Billion opportunities for bloggers based on the logic that it takes at least two people to share an interest. As long as people of a similar mindset desire to express their point of view and shape the opinions of others towards a common passion then an empty blog page will be waiting for them.

I work in the plastics distribution industry – how narrow is that?! But, the niche opportunity is as diverse as the uses for the products – people who vacuum form their own Star Wars Storm Trooper costumes out of styrene; cottagers looking to protect their assets using polycarbonate glazing while they’re away in the winter; couples who build 1,700 gallon shark tanks in their basement using acrylic; artisans crafting jewelry from heating up and twisting colored plastic; DIY boaters looking for ways to replace the rotting wood on their boats with marine grade plastics; to die hard auto-enthusiasts casting their own urethane components for engine blocks. Each of these is a niche audience with specific and unique needs for originating, producing; reproducing, storing, retrieving, and communicating information relating to their common interest and passions.

The blogosphere, like our own universe, is expanding on a daily basis – it feeds on curiosity and a quest for a better quality of life. Like anything worthwhile, it’s going to take an investment of time and effort to identify a blogging opportunity and then creative energy to convert talent and intention into something useful.

The key, in my humble opinion, is bloggers listening to the demand for information. Supply what people want and they’ll find it – it’s in their nature as part of their survival instincts. And it’s also in their nature to share the source of their satisfaction with others and that is what we, who desire to coexist in this thing called the blogosphere, need to survive.

Blog on!

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