DIY Fluidized Bed Filter – Acrylic/PVC

21 Aug


Excerpt (Click On Link Above For Full Article)

Here’s a good project for those of you want to try your hand at Acrylic fabrication. FBFs’ are highly efficient biological filters that have enormous bio-load capacities and take up very little space. The mechanics behind the FBFs are quite simple. Sand is the filters’ media, and each particle of sand is the surface which the bacteria attach to. When the sand is in motion (the “fluidized” state) it constantly removes bacteria during it’s collisions with other sand grains, this provides a replenishment of bacteria and the bacteria colony is able to expand very rapidly to increases (or decreases) in bio-load. Since each surface of each grain of sand is available for bacteria, the total surface area in pounds of sand in a FBF is enormous. One pound of sand is approximately able to handle 100 gallons of an average stocked aquarium. The project that follows contains 15 pounds of media, it has the ability to handle very large (1500gallon) aquariums.


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