Kevlar Saves Student From Knife Attack

15 Aug


Kevlar Hoodie Saves Youth From Knife Muggers

A teenager has told how he was protected from knife wielding muggers because he was wearing a stab proof hoodie that he had bought because he liked the way it looked.

The 15 year old, from Bethnal Green, speaking under the pseudonym of John Cook, was taking money from a cash machine after a night out when he was attacked by two men demanding money – and after he had handed over the cash, one of the thugs started slashing at him with a knife.

But even though he was slashed over twenty times across his back and arms, his body was protected by the Kevlar lined hoodie, and only his hands were injured in the attack.

The trendy black Kevlar hoodies were designed by Barry Sams and Adrian Davis for their company Bladerunner in Romford, east London, to protect teens from the knife crime epidemic on Britain’s streets.

But they have also proved a hit with female joggers and dog walkers – prompting the makers to bring them out in baby blue and pink – as well as paramedics and people who work in security.

The stab and fire resistant material which is used in body armour worn by British squaddies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But John said he had only bought the £65 hoodie because he liked the way it looked.

He said: “I got the hoodie around Christmas time when I went to a martial arts show at the NEC Arena in Birmingham. I went along because I’ve been doing a bit of Ju-Jitsu since I took it up last year.

“There was a stand at the show and I liked the look of the hoodies because they were smart and they looked good. I wasn’t thinking about the safety side of it too much, but most of the other people who were buying them were security guards and people like that.

“I knew that there was knife crime on the streets, but it had never affected me so I wasn’t too worried about it.”

But he said that wearing the hoodie prevented him from being seriously injured after he was mugged by armed thugs.

He said: “One night in the beginning of April I was coming home quite late after a night out to Bethnal Green, and I was wearing that hoodie. I went to the cash point to get some money out and as I walked away these two men attacked me.

“It was dark and I couldn’t really see, but they were older than me, about in their mid-twenties, and they were both mixed race.

“They were asking for my money and I wasn’t going to give it to them, so one of them pushed me to the floor. I got scared and gave them the money, but the other one started slashing at me with a knife. I didn’t have time to react or fight back, I just curled into a ball.

“I though he was hitting me at first, but then I saw the blood on my hands. I curled up on the ground to try and protect myself, but he carried on slashing at my back and arms.

“Afterwards when I got home, I saw that there were loads of knife marks on the hoodie. I think he must have slashed me about 20 times, all over the back and the arms where I was covering my head with my hands.

“The blade had gone through the material layer of the hoodie on top, but it hadn’t gone through the Kevlar. I would have been cut up if I hadn’t been wearing it. My arms and back would have been cut to shreds.

“My hands were covered in thin cuts all over where I was trying to push him off.

“It only ended when the other one ran away, and then the one who was cutting me followed. It felt like a long time but it must have been quite quick, it was probably over in a minute or two.”

And the teen said that since the attack, he was inseparable from the hoodie, and had even bought another one to make sure he was always protected.

And he said when his friends heard about what had happened to him, they had all decided to get one too.

He said: “I could have been stabbed, and when I thought about it the next day I was really scared. If must have been something small like a Stanley knife because the cuts were so thin, but it could still have done a lot of damage.

“I’ve bought another one now, and I was wearing them all the time until it got too hot to keep them on. I’ll still put one on when I’m going for a night out though.

“I’ve been telling my friends about it and they all want to get one too. You hear about all these people getting killed and it scares people.

“Hopefully those guys were only trying to scare me, but who knows what might have happened? You never know, that hoodie could have saved my life.

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