R U SABIC’s Next Research Partner?

14 Aug


The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

( )

The SABIC is looking for partners in research in the following areas:

  • Catalyst development for Olefins production
  • Catalyst development for polymers

Any research related to Olefins production(ethylene, polyethylene, butadiene, butene-1), Aromatics (styrene, benzene, prolysis gasoline, and paraxylene) , and oxygenates ( methanol, CIE, MTBE)

Research related to EDC, MEG, 2EH, DOP, VCM produced from EDC, PVC, linear alpha olefins (we are interested in separation techniques for C14+)

Research related to polyethylene and poly propylene ( we are the fourth largest producer of polymers)

PVC and PS and its applied research

Any Novelty in Production of Fertilizers

Steel manufacturing and metal research

Their corporate brochure also contains useful information:

For more information contact Jagdish at:

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Posted by on August 14, 2007 in R&D


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