Winning Strategies For Business Blogs

12 Aug

Having generated a couple of thousand visitors in only a couple of months, I don’t think we’ll ever win a buzz award, but we hope to earn an honourable mention one day for our efforts in advancing the awareness of our industry, that of plastics distribution. Prior to us coming along there’s been a hodge podge of industy headlines and corporate blogs doing nothing more than their web-site counterparts. By no means am I criticizing them – this blog thing is evolving and a lot of bosses are telling their people to get something – anything – going and the only frame of reference they have is their website. So, I offer the following to move things along for everyone.

Our mission, from the beginning, has been to inspire a new thinking about plastic as a replacement for wood, metal, and glass and we’re doing it one reader at a time who tells someone who tells someone else. Our readers are beginning to get the part where their random travels around the Internet can pay off for others and are now offering content and context. This blog of ours is quickly becoming this blog of theirs and that is when the magic truly happens; when the messenger becomes the mediumsomewhat of a twist to Marshal McLuhan’s original concept of “the medium is the message”. The key to any great commercial success has always been giving the people what they want when they want it removing all barriers and limitations between the need and the satisfier. Business blogging is no different. Go to the Google keyword search tool and find out what topics people are looking for in relation to your given business, product, or service and gather relevant, useful, and timely information about it. Gently ask them to contact you first if they’re interested in sourcing a solution based on the information provided – you’ll be surprised how many people will honour that request as a reward for simplifying the process of finding what they needed to know. Business blogging is an agregate function of consumerism similar to the DIY section of the library or the book section in the Home Depot. People are demanding it so give it them. Do your homework and line your shelves with the answers they’re looking for – give them ideas on HOW TO USE YOUR PRODUCTS to get to where they need to get to (most likely getting a spouse off their back – I know this one very, very well). The best content is that of the experiences of your customers – not as a testimonial to your exepertise, but to the benefits and applications of your products and services.

More than anything – make it interesting, keep it loose, and free form with lots of how-to pictures. There’s no beginning and no end to it. It just is and shall become.

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Posted by on August 12, 2007 in Blogging, The Business


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