To Copy Or Not To Copy Articles

11 Aug

With almost 100 articles available through our blog, now, I’ve had to come to a personal reckoning on the amount of copied content I’m providing. There are some valid arguments that this strategy is wasteful and simply a method of garnering traffic.

Guilty as charged. However…

In our business, that of plastics, I have yet to find an aggregator – a central repository gathering and sorting all of this wonderful information. The fact is, the business of plastics distribution is only about 60 years old. I’d like to claim to be the first to attempt such a feat. The first week or so of putting the blog together was pretty easy in finding content, but after that I’m really having to dig each and every day for something new and useful. And, you’re seeing articles that are 2 or 3 years old, now.

My intent here is genuine. Read our mission statement on the ABOUT page. My personal investment is in creating a medium of dialogue amongst people interested in plastic. Simply referring to and cross linking other sites makes it difficult to create an ongoing conversation.  Right now, all I have is “comment” technology. But, maybe, a more sophisticated interactive tool will come along. To be ready for that moment I have to have everyone sitting in the same room and that’s why I copy the articles here for our little reading club. I do my best to provide source information and, should any author or copyright owner express a concern then I have no problem in simply referring to the hosted content.

I need fresh ideas for content and information – follow-ups on previous articles or new research pieces. If you come across them in your travels then please pass along the tip.

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Posted by on August 11, 2007 in Blogging, The Business


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