I Am Blogger. Hear Me Think.

11 Aug

For those who have chewed through my musings at Ted Demopoulos’ site,, you’re probably familiar with the fact that not so long ago I was a member of the uninitiated and uninterested. I considered myself to have been a member of the in-the-know-crowd having been there at the birth of the Internet. I was one of the fortunate to have had it passed to me still wet and sticky, fresh from the womb.

My business partner at the time, Rod Hancock, was a bit of a folk legend in the BBS world (ask me about the road trip to BBSCON ’93 in Colorado, one day). I got to hang around some of the founding fathers of this thing called social networking (remember FidoNet? Anyone?) – I saw Andrew Milner working on the code for Remote Access! That said, this whole blogging thing was totally off my radar until I read Ted’s book “What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging & Podcasting”. Seven weeks later I got me a blog that’ll soon hit 3,000 visitors. I have regular readers. I have regular contributors. All I have to do is feed and water it daily and it grows like a bad weed.

What I find truly awesome is having written an original article and, in a matter of minutes, it’s already recorded a hit on it. It’s like fishing a stocked pond. And, when someone responds – or better yet, adds to the content – well, that’s just icing on the proverbial cake. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it, initiating dialog amongst the like-minded to advance a concept into a tangible reality from which others can draw experience, inspiration, and confidence?

The blog is the thinker’s ultimate tool – it allows one to doodle a thought and explore it as a chunk of content without context. That may sound confusing, but consider that I’ve been accumulating chunks of thoughts for years and have made several attempts to thread them into a linear progression without much success. This blog thing doesn’t require a package – it is a random medium where people aren’t looking for a beginning and an ending, just a moment in thought.

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