Pubs Partner With Police Towards Polycarb Glassware

09 Aug


Polycarbonate glassware Community Safety Partnerships Pilot

Tomorrow ( Friday, August 3rd, 2007) sees the launch of the Wiltshire Community Safety Partnerships’ Polycarbonate Glasses Pilot scheme at the Fizz Bar in Chippenham. The Partnerships have purchased a stock of plastic (polycarbonate) glasses for use over trial periods in licensed premises across Wiltshire.

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The project came into being because of concerns about the disfiguring injuries that can be caused when broken glasses and bottles are used as weapons.

“The new polycarbonate glassware we are using is safe, attractive and cost effective”, said Glynn Hookings, Wiltshire Police Inspector, Community Affairs. “Studies show that as polycarbonates last four times longer than traditional glassware, they are also cheaper, as well as safer, to use. There is no chance of these glasses being used as weapons and as an added bonus staff will no longer have to run the risk of accidental injury when they come across broken glass in the dishwasher”.

Pronto-Pack is the supplier of the Community Safety Partnership’s new polycarbonate glassware, they are approved suppliers to the crime and drugs team at the Government Office of the South West in Bristol.

The Fizz Bar has volunteered to become the first Wiltshire premises to take part in the Community Safety Partnerships’ pilot scheme where all glassware will be replaced by polycarbonates. The trial is expected to run until the 29th September when the bar closes for a complete refurbishment. Customers, staff and Police will be asked to comment on the project and its impact on Chippenham town centre.

Examples of polycarbonate glassware

But these are not your old fashioned plastic glasses which crumple between your fingers. The new modern issue look and feel like the real thing. They are re-usable, dishwasher safe and, more importantly, virtually unbreakable.

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