Illuminating Sign Ideas Using Acrylic

09 Aug

We’ve been getting a lot of traffic on the article talking about a new polycarbonate illuminating sheet. Thought this might be of interest to y’all.

* * *

Here’s an acrylic solution from our partners @ Cyro/Degussa . It’s pretty slick and easy to use, especially with led’s. Functionally, it takes ambient light coming in through the ends and distributes it throughout the sheet illuminating what’s ever underneath (i’m sure their product engineers cringe at that explanation but it gets the point across). Click on the logo to go the site for lots of technical stuff.


ACRYLITE® EndLighten acrylic sheet is designed to perform uniform illumination and neutral color presentation throughout the sheet. ACRYLITE EndLighten sheet conceals light sources such as LED lighting inside the frame even in ultra slim applications while producing extremely bright signage. Applications include thin profile signage and poster panels for airports, malls, gyms, restaurants, bus stops, mass transit and outdoor applications.


Warehoused Plastic Sales is Cyro’s largest distributor in Canada so call us first with your next project…

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Posted by on August 9, 2007 in Acrylic, Signs


One response to “Illuminating Sign Ideas Using Acrylic

  1. howard cordell

    November 14, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    im looking to get a sample of this endlighten sheet to see if we can use it in our processes. thanks for your time


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