After 100 Years — Still More Questions Than Answers

09 Aug



Here we are at the 100th anniversary of the invention of Bakelite, admittedly the beginnings of the plastic sheet, rod, tube and film industry…now known as Plastic Shapes in North America and Semi-finished Plastics in Europe. Bakelite sheet, rod and tube is now called Micarta by most.

What about the Pacific Rim’s name for our little corner of the plastics industry? We know it’s many billions of US dollars in sales and revenue – perhaps as much as eight or nine. Does anyone actually know?

Speaking of shapes… what will be the new name of GE Polymershapes after SABIC (which stands for Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) completes its buy out of GE Plastics, now to be called SABIC Innovative Plastics (SIP?) Will it be SABIC Polymershapes? Perhaps…but we do know the well known tradenames such as Lexan will transfer to the new owners of GE Plastics…

Will Bayer follow suit by selling off its plastics business to concentrate on pharmaceuticals and what will happen to Sheffield since GE Specialty Film and Sheet is now under the SABIC umbrella?

This industry is undergoing rapid transformation even though barely 60 years young.

Perhaps a look at the past will help predict the future… more on that coming.

Mel Ettenson
The Global Plastics Newsletter

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