Our 2000th Blog Visitor – In Only 6 Weeks!

08 Aug

About 6 weeks ago I introduced the whole blog thing to the Prisma Marketing Committee. The concept was rather new to the owner/partners at the table but a few of the others were familiar with the term, but not necessarily the value of business blogging. There is no question in my mind, now, that a huge void exists with respects to experiential knowledge about plastics. There’s lots of factual stuff out there – lots of figures and mechanical properties that makes engineers salivate. But, what’s really needed, and where I encourage our distribution brethren around the planet to focus on, is getting people who use the plastic we sell to document their experiences in the form of photos, anecdotes, tips, tricks, and workshop solutions to inspire people to reap the benefits that plastic offers – to share the passion we have as plastics professionals.

The word PLASTIC appears before us daily in print and on-line. It’s now becoming part of the public consciousness. Now, more than ever, plastic has to be re-framed from that of a problem child to a misunderstood benefactor of humanity. Truly, plastic can change lives. It can save lives. It can prevent death. Let us focus on these values and develop a better product that fits the society we wish to live in.

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Posted by on August 8, 2007 in General Knowledge, The Business


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