King Starboard Inside & Out

08 Aug

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jeff King, President of King Plastic Corporation, and I’ve got a great deal of respect for him. As a businessman he’s carved out a niche segment for plastics that desperately needed a vision and defined not only a standard for which all similar materials would be compared to, but he created a brand with an intent to infect consumers with an appreciation, respect and need for plastic. King Starboard has evolved beyond marine applications now and is becoming a staple of the construction and renovation trade for building outdoor rooms that compliment the luxury and appeal of the home. There’s no doubt in my mind that King’s relentless pursuit of perfection, cosmetic appeal, and utility will attract luxury home builders into enhancing pool-side and deck cabinetry crafted out of King Starboard – not out of whim, mind you, but as a design standard.

Perfect example of outdoor rooms using King Starboard

Used in a Vet’s exam room: Pee & Poo Proof!

It’s not enough to just say that King Starboard is a modified high density polyethylene, it is truly unique. Beyond the fact that its colors reflect standard gel-coat tones rather than the customary Pantone color chart, King Starboard stands up to ANY WEATHER – blistering heat, UV all the time, to cold and wet. That’s why luxury boat builders such as Bay Liner, Hunter, Catalina, Chris Craft, Doral, Hatteras, and Sea Ray all rest their image and reputation on King Starboard.

It’s surface texture (it has an anti-slip texture patterns [dot/diamond]) and cosmetic appeal are second to none – and I’ve held the competition side-by-side and you can tell the difference. Starboard machines as easily and as finely as cedar but with the environmental ruggedness of a hardwood. It can be cut, routered, drilled, Dremil’d, sanded, and planed – and with the usual hand tools found in your workshop. I’d like to offer an opinion here – you wouldn’t start chewing into a $200 piece of oak with a $29 dollar no-name power-saw, would you? So, why would you think you can get better results with a $200 piece of King Starboard? Use good tools to get good result!

Consider The Anti-slip Dot Pattern
For Around Your Pool Or Deck

Polyethylenes, by nature, are resilient to chemicals making it difficult to adhere (glue) anything to them. That said, you can weld King Starboard to King Starboard (HDPE to HDPE). It’s recommended that you get in touch with the experts at Plastic Welding Technologies for specifics.

Yes, King Starboard Floats!

Here’s some specs on standard sheet:

Sheet Size : 54″ x 96″
Tensile Strength (PSI) : ASTM D638 4100
Flexural Modulus (PSI) : ASTM D790 180,000
Screw Holding Strength (lbs.) : ASTM D1761 425
Water Absorption (7day) : ASTM D570 .05%
Weight (lb./Cubic Inch): .034
King Starboard is made entirely from FDA- and USDA-approved materials.

Here’s some specs on the XL/Starlite sheet, which is about 33% lighter and has tiny air bubbles, called perosity, throughout:

Sheet Size: 60″ x 96″
Tensile Strength (PSI) : ASTM D638 3300
Flexural Modulus (PSI) : ASTM D790 130,000
Screw Holding Strength (lbs.) : ASTM D1761 325
Water Absorption (7day) : ASTM D570 .09%
Weight (lb./Cubic Inch): .024

King Starlite takes staples making it
an excellent substrate for seats

Warehoused Plastic Sales is one of King Plastics largest distributors in Canada with lots of stock ready to ship. Please call us first for your off-cuts or full sheet needs.


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