From Buzz To Fuzz

31 Jul referenced my article on plastic RFID tags yesterday.

I noticed they referenced Peter Weiss as having written the article for the blog. Well, that isn’t what happened. I lifted the article from a 2 year old Science News publication (with proper references, of course). I’ll be more diligent in ensuring such details are given a more emphasis. I’ve written to with my concerns and hope they’ll attend to them soonest.

As bloggers, I feel that it’s our responsibility, as a community, to ensure that our integrity, as suppliers of information, is held with the highest regard. It’s a privilege to be the voice of my co-workers and what I write says as much about them as it does about me. Thus, if we’re to sell the concept to our employers, co-workers, and customers then they have to be 100% confident with its integrity as well. As part of your daily blog routine, may I suggest that you check your referral links to not only find and thank those spreading the word about your blog, but to look at HOW people are using your information.

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Posted by on July 31, 2007 in General Knowledge, The Business


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