Alaskan Football? Dave Says Thank Plastic

31 Jul

Dear Plasticguy,

In keeping with your theme of cool uses for plastic, have you seen the story
of the Alaskan football team the “Whalers”? It was a big deal on a
few weeks ago

Right now the school started a football program where they literally play on
gravel and frozen dirt. Subzero Temperatures during the season make the
field as hard as ice and incredibly dangerous. Right now there is an effort
to raise $500,000 US dollars to give them a snythetic field that would have
extra thick PE fibers coated in silicone and put on top of expanded PP with
rubber granules below. It is called Project Alaska Turf, and they are
getting funding from some really bizarre places.

A plastic field is giving them an opportunity to play football which gives
these kids something to focus on other than causing trouble. If you read
the details in these articles you’ll find this high school had a 50% drop
out rate, but the introduction of this football team is lowering the drop
out rate and raising the average GPA. Kids want to stay eligible to play.

Artificial turf is raising the standard of education in remote places of the
world. I thought this was Plastic Spork worthy. Let me know if you think
you can use it.


David J. DiCosola
Exchange Plastics

(Plasticguy reeeeally appreciates people like Dave coming to the table with great stories like this!)

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Posted by on July 31, 2007 in General Knowledge, Recylcing


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