Why I Spent $20.54 For A $1 Bill

23 Jul

It’s Never About The Price

Recently I purchased a Rhodesian dollar bill from ebay. There were three bids on the item with two days to go and I NEEDED that dollar bill so I set the max to $20. Low and behold a bidding war escalated and the price jumped up the ladder right to where I was waiting for it. My co-workers couldn’t understand why I spent what I spent.

Beyond the fact that Rhodesia doesn’t exist anymore and that the currency is truly a collectors item, I had a need and it had nothing to do with a bank note. Another co-worker brought in a brown bag of treats filled with Rhodesian militaria. I envisioned a display box showing off these wonderful pieces of history and to bring a little colour and timeliness to the presentation I thought a dated piece of Rhodesian currency would top it off nice – and price really wasn’t a concern here – much like finishing off one’s living room or dining room.

Acrylic Shadow Boxes


Now, I can’t say that I’m an outstanding salesperson – I’ve never brought in $3Million in new business or carved a new market out of nothing. But, I am an effective salesperson – not because I know the 72 standard responses to objections, but because I’m a great interviewer and listener. My mastery of the art is in asking questions that dig fast and furiously through the superfluous dust of the prospect’s mundane day-to-day towards the pay-dirt. Then, I just sit back and let the well purge itself spilling out the real reason why they want what I have to offer. No one ever wants a hunk of plastic – they want to to spend more time enjoying their deck, even when it rains; they want protection for their cherished possessions in their cottage when they’re not there; they want to display their kid’s first home-run baseball so they can re-live the joyful experience each time they explain it to a passer by.

Acrylic Display Box

  • You can make your own displays with the tools laying around your workshop. You will need to buy a jig saw/table saw blade rated for Acrylic and a drill bit for plastic too (so it doesn’t crack the piece when it breaks out the backside)… these, as well as the cements, polishes, and little accessories from acrylic locks to hinges can be acquired in a Warehoused Plastic Sales store.

Notice that none of these reasons for buying plastic has anything to do with the plastic – it’s all about the emotional payoff of satisfying a void that plastic can fill. And that, my friends, is where a lot of people in this business are missing the real opportunity.

We don’t sell plastic.

We fill a void.

The challenge and the fun of this game we call plastics distribution is finding one that has never been found before.

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