P95… Crystal Ice… or Satin Ice…

16 Jul

These three types of acrylic sheet share a common texture… kind of a sandblasted finish… however, each has unique characteristics for specific display-style applications.

The above is an example of Acrylite P95. It is a cell cast product which puts it in the premium price category. It is textured on one side but if you bend the product you will lose the textured finish at the bend. It is sexy but if you have an application where the display is constantly touched you may find the texture wearing away since the finish is rolled on at the time of manufacturing. The edges can be polished to a glass-like finish.

The above is an example of Crystal Ice. It is an extruded product. Sexy but only on one side. About 2/3rds the price of P95. The big advantage is that if the material is bent you DO NOT LOSE the texture at the bend – the texturing is part of the “genetic” make up of the material and goes all the way through. The edges can be polished.

The above is an example of Satin Ice. It is an extruded product similar to Crystal Ice – the difference being the texture appears on both sides of the material. One of the neat things about the Satin Ice family of acrylics is that you can get it in tubes too…

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As far as which to use it comes down to the colours and/or thickness you want – each has its own palette and I suggest you visit the manufacturer’s links above to hone in on the specifics. Then, call us here at Warehoused Plastic Sales and we’ll help you get exactly what you need and even cut it to the size or shape you desire.

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One response to “P95… Crystal Ice… or Satin Ice…

  1. Mark Kinney

    April 12, 2008 at 8:08 am

    How much for the a 4 X 8 sheet of P – 95 and a sheet of crystal ice. Im looking for 1/8 inch thickness.


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