Avoiding Culture Shock

12 Jul

Little over a year ago we joined forces with four other plastic distributors making us one of the largest, privately owned sheet, rod, & tube specialists across Canada. That little venture is known as PRISMA.

The Prisma Marketing Committe landed
in Toronto for a quick day conference July 11th & 12th, 2007.

Our industry has seen a number of mergers and acquisitions over the last few years and many of our staff are a result of the political and cultural challenges (stresses?!!?!) such an endeavor ultimately faces. What’s been exciting about the Prisma merger is that the guys at the top REALLY, REALLY, REALLY are top notch family guys. They all share a common understanding that it takes happy, motivated people to build a great company both from the inside and the outside – employees and customers are treated with the same respect, courtesy and opportunity. In fact, the owner’s biggest concern was how to make 200+ people spread over the US and Canada feel a part of the process and a member of the new family. I have to say – I’m very impressed with the results, especially in the investment made in getting like-minded people in a room to share ideas, expertise, and a vision.

As someone who’s been around almost a decade, I’ve been wondering what’s new – what’s out there that can perk up the marketplace so they’ll take a genuine interest in the many great things our people are accomplishing? Prisma’s been a light at the end of that tunnel considering we’re offering a number of new products into the marketplace that, if we weren’t as big as we are now, our customers wouldn’t have access to: (1) UHMW truck & hopper lining systems; (2) double skin polycarbonate sheets up to 30′ long; (3) FRP grating, stairs, & rail systems; and a (4) heat exchanger for pork and poultry farms made completely out of plastic that can recover 18-25% of heating costs. Now, of course, there’s lots of people out there plugging similar products – but it’s the value added component that’s the big value to our customers and more on that will be coming down the pipelines very, very soon (hence the big powwow with our cross-canada marketing team).

I just want to give a shout out to the people at…

We can’t be flying everywhere so I had to find a way to get 10 – 20- 100 people on the phone at once. I surfed a number of sites and flipped a coin as to which one to try out. A+ was my first try and they are 100% GOLD! No hassles. Monthly billings. Honest. EZ. I can put 10 people on the phones from Georgia out to Vancouver back to Quebec City for pennies per minute each and the phone quality is A+. We can even record the calls and have them made available to us in MP3 format. If you’re looking for a domestic or international conference call solution THESE ARE THE GIZE! Tell’m the Plasticguy sent you.

Shawn Chambers
Warehoused Plastic Sales

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One response to “Avoiding Culture Shock

  1. Mike Flanagan

    July 12, 2007 at 6:13 pm

    Shawn, thank you for the kind words regarding the services of A+ Teleconferencing and recognizing our services as one that can make a positive impact on client and business to business relationships.

    Don’t find yourself in the position to have to “flip a coin” to find the the conferencing service provider that is right for you.

    We offer reservationless services to operator assisted teleconferences, web conferencing and teleseminars with the use of Toll or Toll Free dial in numbers for all of North America with the recent addition to services in Mexico to supplement already existing services in Canada and the United States.

    On our newest featured website we detail and offer all these services:

    – We offer Toll free access in all of North America.
    – Toll free numbers and conference codes stay the same
    – Electronic Billing system
    – Simple easy to understand monthly statements
    – No busy signals or intermittent service related issues
    – A+ owns all bridges and servers to which service is managed through
    – Record calls, playback and/or request a hard copy or file of your conference
    – The right dedicated tenured staff that understands that your business is their business

    Feel free to contact one of us with any questions you might have: 1(800) 804-8076.

    Thanks again “Plastic Guy!”


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