Patio Table Crash!

29 Jun

Well, it looked good while it lasted, right?

And it still can.

You wouldn’t believe the number of people we talk to who, after visiting one of our branches, kicks themselves for tossing out their favourite odd-shaped patio table because they didn’t know they could get a replacement for the glass that broke.

Cutting To Shape

Using a CNC router, we can custom design or create just about any shape out of plastic. For example, here’s a hex table we did for someone. Now, the blue isn’t the colour of the material – it’s a protective film that you pull off when you get home.

Choose A Texture Or Colour That Suits Your Style

When you went looking for a patio set you probably ended up selecting something because that’s the only ones the store had. Well, maybe you might consider tossing the glass off in favour of customizing the colour or texture to your particular style or taste rather than that of a big-store buyer who brought 10,000 pieces over in a container from China.

Acrylic (brand names Acrylite/Plexiglas/Lucite) is your optimum choice – it looks and feels like glass but is about 10 times stronger and won’t shatter. It’s very safe around pools and other areas where children play. Acrylic is also UV stabilized meaning it won’t yellow or haze in the sun UNLESS you forget the most basic rule of maintaining acrylic – use soap and water and avoid any chemicals like ammonia. Don’t go using your Windex or you’ll be looking for a new table top. Don’t try and polish it unless you’re using a polish specifically for acrylic.

You can pick just about any flavor of acrylic you’d like – colour, texture, edge finish (of course if its going into a frame there’s no use in paying for a glowing edge or glass-like edge). Here is a DP-30 pattern that is often used giving the table top a bit of friction so things don’t slide around.

Home Made Templates

There are times when the glass breaks and you just can’t give us an original to cut from. So, many people attempt to trace the frame onto kraft paper or cardboard – but forget that the piece has to fit into a frame and forget to take that into account. REMEMBER THE FRAME FACTOR!

Also, please avoid paper templates. We need something a little heavier and there’s usually a $50 fee for any trace on material that’s less than 1/4” because we have to invest time and people into redoing the trace on something more useful.

Standard circles are pretty easy if you just give us the diameter but please make sure it’s not an oval – where there’s more than one radius measurement from the centre.

* * * *

Remember that all this applies to interior tables too – dining room tables or coffee tables. So, remember acrylic and Warehoused Plastic Sales when you need to repair your glass table.

Call us with any questions (800) 268–6784


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