A Life Altering Experience

27 Jun

Dorothy Lehmkuhl is the author of “Organizing For The Creative Person” and I have to give her a shout out for having sat down and done what she did. She’s profoundly affected my life and hopefully those around me…

I’m a creative guy… on top of my efforts in contributing to the building of Ontario’s #1 distributor of plastic sheet, rod, & tube I write articles for trade magazines, I’m working on a new book, i develop software, write & produce tv & radio commercials – and I’ve gone back to University at nights working towards an Economics degree… and I’ve recently been given the opportunity to propose a new finance literacy course at the local college… oh, and did I mention I’m developing a new board game? And, there’s the half built kitchen and dining room. In running projects at the office and at home, life for me has always been at best a little chaotic, especially in trying to balance people, places, money, and things. But I’ve done OK so far. But, could life be more fulfilling? Easier? Less cluttered?

I know I’m not getting to where I need to get to as quickly or as efficiently as I could be… in fact, it got so overwhelming a month ago I fell into a funk so deep and dark that I did NOTHING! No one was getting anything out of me worth talking about and that’s not good when you make money based on people talking about your ability to produce. No, sir. Not good for no one.

Then, cruising through Day Timer’s web site I happened across an article entitled Excerpts from Organizing for the Creative Person. And, that’s where I learned about Ms. Lehmkuhl’s book… no, it’s more than that… “book” doesn’t justify the content… this is truly work… effort… experience… with an intent and intensity beyond just words linked together. This is gospel! Granted, I’m the recently converted and eager to preach the word but man, it worked! I got it… I got the message.

But, actions speak louder than words… in the last month I’ve removed about 25% of my stuff from my life… all those things that I was emotionally attached to that I’d forgotten about… thousands of dollars of stuff I’d bought at auctions and will NEVER USE having attached some meaning and value to them beyond utility… I went out and rented a 10’ x 12’ x 30’ bin and LIBERATED MY BEING!

My Dumpster

Now, that’s the physical stuff.

It was the mental stuff that I really had to work on – the reasoning behind my ineffective habits. Learning to re-assign value and re-program my mental filters to position myself for truly getting to where I want to go versus arriving someplace and being content simply because I happened to be there at the moment.

No, this is big. Big, big, big!

I dunno how else to explain it.

It’s all in my brain! I knew I had a creative mind but here I was thinking I was defective somehow in ability or intelligence in not being able to grasp the really big things I wanted to do in life. Now I get it. I understand that my brain interprets things in a unique way and the book allowed me to understand and adjust my lifestyle to capitalize on its strengths.

And, what a difference. I’ve been more productive… more focused… with real, measurable outcomes beyond anything I’ve produced in the last 6 months… in just two weeks…. I’m prioritized… I work on what’s important, but more than that I can balance tasks based on when my mind is primed for those type of tasks… high energy work when the mind is in high energy mode… more left brained analytical stuff during my less-than creative time of the day. It works! It really, really works!

Her efforts also gave me a strategy for communicating and presenting ideas to others for who’s minds don’t think or assimilate information like mine… this has been a real challenge for me… to the point where people don’t even bother trying to process my logic… they just say, “hey, go do it… make it happen” but I’ve always wanted them to be a part of the solution… now, I understand what happened during that process… and I can do more WITH people rather than FOR people.

I dunno what more to say… this has been one complete run-on sentence in my mind but the bottom line is here is a resource that can truly alter your thinking about working with people and interacting with creative minds as well as linear minds.

But none of this is going to work for you if you’re just buying ANOTHER book to justify a fantasy that you’re doing the work needed to alter your outcomes.

My recommendation… one chapter a day – 10 minutes of reading when you’re having breakfast. Plan your day to include the lesson. Apply the lesson. Work the lesson. Then, when things are working better for you SHARE your experiences… assist someone else in understanding your breakthrough and lead them through the process…

This is all so good… and all so simple… and all so inexpensive… I bought three more copies this morning for about $10 each from

Ms. Lehmkuhl… thank you.

Shawn Chambers, Warehoused Plastic Sales

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